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Hello Guys,

This is Eva Notty. I was Score Model of the year and finished in Top 10 for Miss FreeOnes 2013 contest. I have appeared in videos for all the major companies like Brazzers, Naughty America, Evil Angel, Devil’s Film, Scores, etc. I also launched
my website in 2012 and I am thankful to appreciation it received from the fans.

I went through a boob enhancement surgery in beginning of 2013 and I had lot of complications with it because of the carelessness of the doctor. As a result of which I could not work for whole of 2013 and went through lot of financial hardships. I am now gradually getting back to my feet.

Eva Notty Bikini Gallery

Eva Notty Bikini Gallery

I am planning to perform as feature dancer in clubs throughout the USA. I always wanted to do it, because I love to meet all my wonderful fans in person. For that I have to attend a two weeks class to get certified to feature in clubs. Currently I am not in a position to afford the fees and boarding cost associated with the class. So I am requesting
you to support me for this cause. I will really appreciate your help and no amount is too small to make a difference. I have added few reward levels to express my gratitude.

There are two ways you can help you can join my site (I get paid residuals) or donate at my page.

Thanks for your support,
Eva Notty

8 thoughts on “Please Help Eva Notty

  1. I am so sorry that has happened to you I enjoy watching you (for other reasons) mainly because you look like you enjoy your work. I follow you on Twitter and love to learn more about people and celebrities because they are just normal people with real hardships. I pray you can get back on your feet and on screen. I am currently broke but wish with all of my heart I could donate to you.

  2. Hah, I had actually started becoming a “fan” of a specific porn star. You were a total favorite. Cute face, nice brown hair and eyes. Cute voice. Curvy body and.. natural breasts. I had to do a double-take after seeing one of your latest videos. I was like.. “this couldn’t be. Eva went under the knife?” I’m not sure why you did it and it’s besides me, a random nobody stranger to tell you what to do with your body but your decision is kind of a turn-off. You are very beautiful but your breasts.. are no longer. They don’t look completely unnatural but it’s noticeable enough. Trust me. Also, that scarring will never truly go away will it?

  3. hey Eva, i did’nt know that you were going through that i would like to contribute to your fund in April 2014 perhaps followed by a in person meet and greet

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